Goals and Resolutions: The first month.

January is ending. I ran, worked on finishing projects, and tried to get myself more organized.


Running: Didn’t do so well here. My excuse is that it was COLD the last half of the month, so I missed out on all those days. The total distance over the first 15 days of January, according to my garmin watch, was 15.71 miles. The battery died about a mile into one of those runs, so the total was actually closer to 17.5 miles. Not bad, just not what I was hoping to log in January. The exciting news for running in February is the appearance of a treadmill on the horizon. That’s right! I won’t have any more excuses (like these below-zero temperatures/windchills and the inch of ice all over everything from earlier this week) for not getting the miles in, and now I can start training Signe to run on the treadmill as well!!! That’s the REAL reason I want a treadmill…

The rest of the month is a little harder to quantify. There were new Etsy sales, a lot of sewing projects that will never see the light of day, a bunch of knitting, and a good deal of reflection on my hopes for 2013 to be a year of more organization in my brain, my house, and my life. a summary –

Jan Wrapup

  1. Almost finished knitting those Christmas presents! just this pair of socks for my sister, to be delivered by her birthday in February!
  2. Got the baseboard trim finished in the livingroom – added the quarter-round and even got it PAINTED!
  3. Sorted most of my tools, both handywoman and crafting tools, and now i know where BOTH of my hammers live!
  4. learned to use my binding foot  and made a knitting needle roll (more on that later). Look at how awesome that binding looks!
  5. finally got all the embroidery floss into some semblance of order – not perfect, but certainly better than smushed in a box on the shelf. now it’s out for me to see every day in these clear pouches!
  6. Ate a lot of pancakes… YUM!
  7. Helped the old roommate to organize her yarn – even helped her get rid of two bags of extras. It was so inspiring, that all I can think about is destashing my own knitting resource center!
  8. Got my hair cut. Michelle Obama bangs for EVERYONE!

January was a great month – here’s to February being EVEN BETTER!



  1. katelikestocreate

    Don’t you find it’s so much easier helping a friend clean her mess than it is to do your own? I think I need to start pretending I’m cleaning someone else’s place when I’m doing the housework!

  2. rachel

    ha! no kidding! I’m going to have to use that trick (or see if I can convince a friend to house swap with me on cleaning day!)

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