The mother of all needle rolls.


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The New Needle Roll

In an effort to finally corral and organize all of my knitting accoutrement, I have crafted (what I believe to be, in my own humble opinion) the most amazing of all amazing knitting needle rolls. Let me first give you an idea of what I was dealing with before I made this thing: needles everywhere, floating around my knitting basket(s) and in just about a gazillion different locations.

The internal monologue went something like this (and played out at least four or five times a month) –

Hey. where’re all my crochet hooks? I think they’re in a drawer somewhere. what drawer? well, I saw them last week, I think, and I’m pretty sure it was in a drawer. Great. Ok. Let’s check all the drawers. 
Ok, so what about my US3 sock needles? Well, I think they’re in the basket I only see 4 of them. where’s the 5th? It’s not in there? Well, no. I don’t think so. Are you sure? did you check the pocket? Oh, yeah. THAT’s where I put my 42″ Circulars!

Aaaand so on… Riveting, I know. So for the next step in my “Organizational Resolutions” goals, here’s where all my knitting tools are going to live from now on! (and as a bonus, I got to use up a ton of the marimekko scraps that i’ve been hoarding!)


All rolled out, there’re four major sections – and a place for everything!

The New Needle Roll

I got my interchangeable needle set after Christmas, and here there are pockets for each set (including those three extra pockets for larger needles to come later!)

The New Needle Roll

The interchangeable needle tips are on a flap that folds out – on the back of the flap are pockets for the interchangeable cables, and behind that flap are six pockets for all my fixed circulars (and I have a lot of them….)

The New Needle Roll

The next section has three parts –

The New Needle Roll

The top is a tri-fold for my small DPN storage. There’re a TON of pockets, with plenty of extra spaces for all the needles that are currently in projects and all those other needles that I’m sure to be amassing in the future!

The New Needle Roll

The center pouch holds all my stitch markers, stitch holders, and my cute black sheep tape measure. As an aside, did you know that when these Lantern Moon Sheep tape measures come into the shop, they’re in boxes of 12, with 11 white and one black sheep?  I love it!

The New Needle Roll

And at the bottom of this section, another fold-out that holds all my crochet hooks. That’s all of them, and yes, I did find them in a drawer, the left one of my yarn cabinet.

The New Needle Roll

The next section is a larger pouch, with a division for the interchangeable needle stoppers on the left and another larger pouch for my yarn bobbins, soak wash packets, and rulers.

The New Needle Roll

And the last section are a few pockets for the rest of my dpns, the larger ones that don’t fit in the second section.

Everything is held folded and closed by tabs with magnets and two large washers that I sewed into the outside of the roll. Sometimes I feel like it looks like a diaper roll when it’s all closed up, but otherwise, I’m just ABSOLUTELY TICKLED by it! Now I just need to remember to keep putting everything back into the needle roll after every time I use it.

That’s the next project. And what a project it will be….


One comment

  1. thethingaboutjoan

    This is fantastic! I have so many double-pointed needles floating around that I thought about making a little needle roll, but this is phenomenal! Love that everything is together in one clutch.

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