What you lack, child, is FOCUS.

1. I’ve started to break up my posts on the home page. be sure to click the link at the bottom if you want to see the whole thing (or if you’re an e-mail subscriber.) It’s an effort to streamline the front page. Let me know if you happen to have strong feelings about it. I, for one, love it.

2. enter the prairie boot pdf pattern giveaway here. go. do it. now.

3. I feel torn in about a million directions right now – so much to get done (currently in the OHNOALLMYJUNKEXPLODEDALLOVERTHEHOUSE stage of de-crapping, de-stashing, un-messifying, and re-organizing my house) and so little time. It really makes it hard to pay attention to one thing at a time, and I’m feeling the pull. Once my office is reset, things will be smoother. but until then, I need tangible goals. Data tracking is going well, and I’ve managed to line up a bunch of work to pay the bills, so that’s all squared away. The daily to-do list has stuff like “take a shower” and “drink a cup of coffee” on it so that I can feel some control. But as for my creative time, I need to FOCUS and get something done for real for real. Like COMPLETED done. So it falls to knitting – there are a ton of things on the needles, and a number of them are close to completion. So, in an effort to complete all the knitting projects on the needles, and because I should really get the Christmas knitting done before Valentine’s day (oops…), I present to you the three projects that I must focus on this month. These and no others, until they’re done.


Project #1: The LAST Christmas present (just need to ship by Feb 15, right Jessica???) for my sister. Knee-highs! Don’t worry – she picked out the pattern, so she knows that they’re on their way. But for those of you who can’t quite figure out what the pattern is based on this picture, it’s Laurelhurst by StarAthena. A GREAT pattern that I made for my mom’s birthday socks. For  knee-highs, I cast on 80 sts to begin (the lace pattern is a 10-st repeat). After finishing the lace cuff, I worked 7×2-st increases every fourth row, then 3″ even, and then 7×2-st decreases back to 80 sts. The final decreases down to 64 sts were alternately worked on the front and back of the sock, and the rest of the sock was worked as in the pattern. SO VERY CLOSE TO DONE today… And if I focus, I WILL CONQUER THESE SOCKS! (and send them off to my sister, finally…)


Project #2: a gift project, using hand-dyed yarn. Just got the yarn to be dyed brown today, so I’m ready to go. It’ll be two pairs of socks for a dear friend and his wife. A wedding present that is FAAAR to late, but will make it by the first anniversary!


Project #3: This is a terrible picture, but it’s a sweater made out of yarn that I dyed using kool-aid. It even still smells like grape and wild cherry. Anyhow, my mother bought me this yarn for Christmas many years ago (it was baby blue – beautiful, but not a color that I wear much), so I dyed it. The pattern is for this –


And I’ll be making it with some lurid neon ribbon. I started knitting it probably about 4 years ago, and now all that’s left is a sleeve-and-a-half. And that’s where it has been for more than 2 years. It’s time to finish this and wear it with pride. GO TEAM KNITTER RACHEL.

The goal is completion, folks. and to finish these things, I must focus on them.



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