I’ve been unfaithful….

… to my February Knitting Rules. Right. No one is surprised.

But first, let us celebrate the following:

Jessica’s Socks, FINISHED. Now to get them packed and shipped. Whoops! I totally missed her birthday!

(and I fess-up about my knitting infidelity after the jump…)

Here’re the two projects that I cheated with, both outta stash yarn (so at least I have that to stick in my “moral superiority” pocket, right?)

First, Hipster Kiwi, to go along with a Christmas Gift for one of my fellow Godparents –

I call him “Hipster Kiwi” because, before I sent him off, I made him a scarf outta some leftover sock yarn. But sadly I didn’t take pictures of the scarf. He’s still cute, though.

And he’s not a hipster because of the scarf. He’s a hipster despite the scarf, because Hipster Kiwi just can’t get used to this notion of Winter in January and February.

Second, another gift, for the other fellow Godparent – A garland of rainbow stars.

This was a spectacularly fun use of leftover yarn –

But I discovered that I don’t have any worsted-weight orange. Mom did, though!  And so did Karin! And I really wanna make myself one of these.

but I think I’ll make them a little smaller than these. For some reason, I really struggled with the counting aspect of making these stars. But I did love steam-blocking them with my mom’s iron. SO SATISFYING!

So there you have it. my confession.

(and the awesome news that the carpet is on its way! I get to put my life back together soon! yippee!)


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