Still here.

March is almost done, and I’ve been a little AWOL on the blog even though I still want to try for the 100 posts in 2013. But it’s been for a really great reason – I’ve been busy with work. Like my paid job. And I’ve been really happy! Even though it’s still not what I pictured doing with my degree, and even though it’s not what I picture doing for the rest of my life, I LOVE IT. And what a difference being in my new office has made. I’m still not organized to the point where I want to show you everything (really, it’s at the “organized chaos” point. still, it’s moving towards being more in line with my simple life for the year.), but I have TWO WINDOWS in this room.

around the office

Mornings are bright like this. I was going to put up a curtain or something over this window – it opens directly onto my neighbor’s porch, and when I say “directly,” I mean there is a gap of about 12″ from my window to their porch. Hence the muslin that is starched to the window for privacy. P.S. BEST PRIVACY-WITHOUT-BLINDS-OR-CURTAINS FIX EVER. Seriously, I still get a lot of light with no worries about anyone being able to see anything. Not even the outlines of anything, like with the frosted glass clings. It was a great solution when this used to be my bedroom and it’s a great solution now that this is my office.

around the office

Signe’s new space is finally set too. We tried a few different places in the new space, but this is by far the best. A cozy little corner beneath the other window and between the filing cabinet and the closet. Better still, I was able to resurrect an old canvas bed cover that I had made for her when she was a puppy. Baby girl’s turning 4 this May, and I can’t imagine what I did before her, nor can I imagine living alone without her. Thankful for the companionship of animals is what I am.

around the office

and last I leave you with this picture of my ceramic dragon, watching over my cutting/ironing table from by my printer.

Life is good folks. And next week is SPRING BREAK. All sorts of goodies planned for that, I tell you.


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