it’s spring break, baby! actually, it’s really vacation that fits into the dates of a teacher friend’s spring break. And since she’s a knitter that teaches in an elementary school, our “girls gone wild” contribution is going to be quite a bit different than would be expected from the now bankrupt juggernaut that was the original video series.

Signe’s ready to go (sorry for the blurry iphone picture!) –
around the office

We didn’t wind up keeping the Thundershirt, but I love the idea! If I had planned ahead, I would’ve gotten her all set up with the Thundershirt several months ago so that she’d’ve been helped by it on the plane (it’s her first flight….) So I’m drugging her instead.

around the office

GNC has a pets line? Why yes, and THIS STUFF WORKS! With an n of three trials of the treats, I’m 100% sure that these are going to help the situation. Every time, she’s been delightfully sedated and calm. Now all that’s left to do is get on the plane and FLY AWAY!

(I am very ready to escape this winter that will never end.)


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