Remembering that I do love knitting

And now we get crafty.

Pine Bough Cowl (update 1)

After a long and painful and soul-crushing (knitting-wise) fall, winter, and spring knitting miles of stockinette on the same gray fingering-weight yarn for the 4th sweater of its life (a lot of fit/style/gauge issues for all 4 products), it’s time for a change.

Pine Bough Cowl (detail 01)

This is the Pine Bough Cowl by Diana Walla. It’s perfect for this time of year, when I’m itching for something that requires some focus (but not too much) and is really satisfying to watch come off the needles. The chart is easy to memorize and really boils down to just 2 pattern rows that are offset to make the boughs. It’s been great fun to remember how to hold yarn for fair isle.

Pine Bough Cowl (inside)

I love how the wrong side of fair isle looks, and I’m really loving how squishy this is getting. But most of all I love that I love to knit it.

Kenzie yarn

I stepped out on a limb and FOR ONCE bought THE ACTUAL YARN THAT THE PATTERN WAS WRITTEN FOR (gasp!), but I went for different colors. This yarn is lovely to knit with, though I wish more of the lime green flecks in the blue showed in the product. The fun thing is that there are 4 repeats of the pattern (and then it’s grafted into an infinity scarf) and my first ball of 4 of gray yarn ran out right at the end of the double solid rows (i.e. 1/4 of the way into the project). I have high hopes for a project with less than 10 yards of gray yarn left at the end. Wouldn’t that be exciting?!


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