Apparently, just about everything can be cooked in a waffle iron (hash browns are my favorite), which was part of the the inspiration for my weekend brunch (the other part being the 48 hot dog buns I have left over from a party last week). I have dubbed this masterpiece Cheater Hot Dog Bun Waffle-style French Toast, or see the name of this post for a handy rolls-off-the-tongue nickname. Yes folks, that beautiful waffle up there is actually a HOT DOG BUN.

And because I am usually annoyed by recipe blog posts that require 30 minutes of scrolling through (usually beautiful) pictures of the dish from multiple angles and a lot of editorializing about things that usually have nothing to do with the recipe itself (and yes, I do usually read all of it, even though I am annoyed. I have a problem, people), here we go RIGHT AWAY with a DETAILED PHOTO RECIPE.

Step 1: Gather your ingredients. And then mix everything (except the buns, of course) together.
– 2 hot dog buns, 2 eggs, a splash of vanilla, a dash of sugar, and something around 1/4-1/2 cup milk.


Step 2: Soak the bun in the egg mixture. It will get very soggy, and that’s the point. Then flip it over and soak the other side. (I did use up almost ALL Of the 2-egg mixture for the two buns pictured in the ingredients image, in case you were wondering about that dodgy proportionality.)


Step 3: Messily transfer the soaked, nearly-falling-apart-it’s-so-soggy bun to your pre-heated and well-oiled waffle iron. Cook until brown. (more brown than this. Also, be sure to really oil that waffle iron or the whole thing will rip apart.)


Step 4: EAT EAT EAT and marvel at the fact that you’re eating a hot dog bun that tastes like heaven.

Sometimes I think that I need to investigate eating less like a person who just left home and has no clue of how to cook for herself and more like the adult homeowner with a doctorate in neuroscience (we scientists are generally pretty good at following protocols and recipes, and that goes for food recipes too) that actually knows how to make more than just spaghetti with butter that I am.

And then I have brainstorms like the CheHoDoBoWaffFreChoast experiment, and I like to think that I’m not doing so badly after all….

(Full disclosure: I clearly recognize that all I have done here is just make french toast in a waffle iron, which, considering everything that I’ve seen on pinterest, is not all that interesting or clever. But I used a HOT DOG BUN, so that makes it novel. I’m sticking with my elation.)


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