On a scale of 1 to grad school, I’d give it a 7. (Or, I ran a 50k this weekend and lived to tell the tale.)

I started running about 14-15 years ago, the summer after my freshman year in college. I began by running 5-10 seconds at a time with frequent 1-2 minute-long walk walk breaks. I still vividly remember one of the last runs of that summer, where I completed 2 miles and even ran most of that. It wasn’t a spectacular feeling, but it was an accomplishment that I am still proud of even now.

Last weekend, I completed my first 50k, and boy-oh-boy am I proud of that. And I promise I was much happier than i looked in this crossing-the-finish-line photo….


Of course the race was difficult. I wanted to quit more than once (especially at mile 19-ish, where I became somewhat especially ill and then again somewhere around 4 miles from the end, where the hills were getting especially difficult to climb). The aid stations were hard to leave, and I learned important lessons about proper fueling and the importance of adding more hills to my training. I was inspired by everyone who was running, and even more inspired by everyone who walked up the hills.

And OF COURSE I want to do it again, but I think I’m really ok with taking a little bit of time to recover.


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