I made a stamp.

I did a little bit of lino block carving/printing way back when I ran my etsy shop, but I definitely wouldn’t put myself into the “super experienced” category. But with the itch to craft comes the itch to destash, and finding an old speedball block was all I needed to make this dear horse.

dala stamp

On the very left is the template. I drew it in pencil and then flipped it onto the block. I used my thumbnail to transfer the pencil to the block and then carved it with an old lino carving set that I have. I wasn’t really happy with the block I used, because it was crumbly and didn’t carve as nicely as I remember linoleum working. But after some test prints and a lot of trimming, I’m very happy with the final stamp image!

I think i’ll use this to print Christmas wrapping paper this year, and I might make myself a set of prints for my kitchen or entry way. DALA HORSES EVERYWHERE!!!!


Tell me what you think!

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