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Inspiration and expectations, managed.

I woke up to the weather person on MPR saying that today is going to be looked at as when spring began in MN in 2013. What welcome news, because this winter was a DOOZY. I thought it would have been reasonable to expect all the winter-storm-warning-stuff to be done before the end of April (or the middle… or the beginning….), but this year, winter just kept hitting us.

And while I’ve been managing my expectations for this spring, I haven’t completely given up!


These plant babies are really helping me along, even though I know better than to get far too excited about putting them in the ground prior to the end of May (the last chance for frost around these parts). I am planning a major overhaul of the gardens this year. I’ve had two summers of raised bed vegetable gardens now, and I’ve learned things. The most important thing is that one of them does not get enough sun for anything other than lettuces (and cucumbers that hang over the end and really reach for the sun). And while the idea of a 4×8′ lettuce bed is really intriguing, it’s probably not the best use of space, time, seeds, and compost. So it’s gotta move. I’m also pretty interested in doing something more than 15 tomato plants that take up almost all of the space in the front garden that DOES get enough sun (ok, so it was only 8 last year. but you get my point).

I’ve been getting pretty excited about this garden re-do lately. I even borrowed my parents’ wheelbarrow so that I can move the 1.5 tons of dirt and compost from the back garden to the front gardens. And then this weekend, while I was visiting my parents, we were offered some barrels to use to make our own rain barrels. I’ve been looking at rain barrels a lot over these past two years, but they’re expensive! I’m really looking forward to these MUCH CHEAPER barrels, and now I feel as if it is time to get the roof redone on the garage and put some gutters up.

But here’s where I have the biggest problems with all of this. I am SO SUPER INSPIRED by thinking of spring and my gardens and TOMATOES and grilling. But I can’t do it all, so I can’t really expect to get it all done. So what is important here? I get to have rain barrels and I will have a better planned garden this year. What might not happen? the roof of the garage and new gutters. That’s ok, though. They might get done later this summer, but it’ll not be happening before the beginning of the shortish growing season here.

Inspiration and expectations for the garage: Managed. (next: get a grip …. again…. on my knitting and sewing expectations. that’ll be a little more emotionally complex….)


spring is coming… right??? RIGHT?!?

Oh man. I know we are all tired of hearing it, especially up here in The Great White North, but this has been a long winter. I have the luxury of living four blocks from my lab building, so commuting to and from work has never been something to complain about.

But I have to admit that it has been good for my soul to have walked to work these past two days with only a vest (and no jacket!) Yesterday, coming home, I noticed the first sign of life in my otherwise dirty-snow-covered yard and garden. hello there, little crocus!

crocus 2

at least i’m pretty sure it’s a crocus. I know I planted SOME crocus (crocii?) two years ago. Maybe this is a crocus.

crocus 1

this is probably not a crocus, but i’m not really sure what actually it could be….


Whatever the state of my garden, whatever plants might or might not be poking through the leaves, soil, and various other organic things i like to refer to as “mulch”, i’m happy to report:

Lonnie the Garden Gnome

Lonnie the Garden Gnome and his Faithful Frog Frank confirm that the snow is melting and SPRING IS ON ITS WAY!!!